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Vehicle Theft #1
Property Crime
in the U.S.
Cars, bikes,
wheels, lift gates,

According to the FBI, in 2010 over 740,000 vehicles were stolen in the U.S.. In fact one vehicle is stolen every 43 seconds. Auto Theft is the number one property crime in the U.S. costing consumers over 4.5 billion annually.+  To counter automobile theft Congress enacted the Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992. This Act requires manufacturers to label major components on automobiles. The problem remains that these labels may be easily removed. InvisibleVin takes labeling these components to a new high tech level!

UV Parts Marking Stolen Bike
uv parts marking
wheel theft markings
wheel markings

Diagram (a)

Thieves want to steal your vehicle and strip it down to untraceable stolen parts as quickly as possible. Thieves can then sell these stolen vehicle parts to unsuspecting consumers and make a quick buck.  

In order to deter these types of thieves you must make an anti-theft system that is not easy to circumvent. That's the beauty of our chemical parts marking process!


After having your parts marked simply place our warning label on your windows.  Let thieves know that they're in for some heavy duty extra work in order to make some cash.

The fast moving stolen car parts are shown in diagram(a) and they include the rims and tires, doors, hood, trunk deck, spoiler, fenders, bumper covers and side mirrors.

UV parts markings should be placed in random locations on these parts.  These UV parts markings will help police should they come across these parts in a flea market, swap meet, under cover sting or in the possession of a suspected thief.  


UV Parts Marking
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