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UV Parts Marking Testimonials
"Our department has seen a lot of vehicle theft in the last few years... parts are a target, especially wheels... We are psyched to use this product to place on our bait vehicles... I wish every car had the Scorpion Marking on the parts" - J.S. Police Officer


"Switching to InvisibleVin from window etching was like going from a cassette player to an I-pod... It was the first time I've seen a customer actually bring a friend (Jeep Wrangler Club member) in to just buy the anti-theft he bought with his car" - S.O. GM Nissan Jeep Dealer
"Over 90% of customers buy it... it's great for the customer and the store" - R.S.GM Harley  
"InvisibleVin on the parts is a great way to turn away thieves looking for a quick payday"-  E.T. TV Personality Custom Bike Builder
"We are a large volume Toyota store and we mark 17 body parts on every vehicle in inventory.  Our customers are impressed when they learn about the product... We've netted over 1 million dollars offering this product in just 4 years." - A.W. Owner 
"The police were extremely impressed with the product and grateful that it lead into breaking up this ring of wheel thieves.  At the very least __ Honda will get back $2,600 worth of rims and tires" - J.H. GM Honda store
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